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Graphite Fishing Rods

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 graphite fishing rods

Fishing Rods Graphite.

Graphite Fishing Rods easily provide the best Angling experience there is.

They provide a connection with the fish in a way that composite or Fibre Glass ,

Just Simply Can Not Do.

Every Movement of the hooked fish flows through the Rod connecting you to each other.

Every time the fighting fish bends the rod , the rod absorbs some of the fish's energy.

It literally sucks it's strength each time it bends.

By using the drag of your reel correctly on a graphite rod .

Even Larger Fish can be caught on light gear.

Who wins depends on the  endurance of the Angler or the Fish.

Sports Fishing isn't just fishing for Marlin.

A combination of a good graphite rod and reel with light line.

Even smaller species will provide an excellent challenge and Adrenaline Rush.

There is a downside , there always is.

Graphite rods are fragile .

A chip or ding in the rod pretty much puts an end to it.

You do need to take  special care when handling or transporting them.

90% of damage to graphite rods occur during transport to and from the water.

They are designed to absorb energy by bending in a smooth arc.

It is almost impossible the break them in normal use.

If you grab the tip and but section and bend towards each other , it will snap.

The strain is not evenly distributed and a break point will happen.

The eyes of the rod are specifically designed and placed so when line is running through them and your hooked to a fish.

The strain is correctly distributed evenly.

They do break if mistreated and fairly easily.

Treat your rod well and it will provide a great experience.


They are hard and brittle the higher the IM number the harder and more brittle they are.

They are also unbelievably light weight.

There is much confusion about IM numbers and it's meaning

For some reason the expectation that an IM10  rod is of higher quality,

than an IM6 or 7 is a common belief.

It's not the higher the IM then the harder and therefore crisper the rod.

The IM number  is not a guide to quality....



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