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Fly Rod 4pc Sports

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Fly Fishing Rod Travel

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly rod

High End Fly Rod IM7 Graphite High Modulus , strain rate over 700,000

This is a sweet Fly Fishing rod if you are like me and make mistakes with casting !

This little baby will forgive the mistake.

This Rod is very forgiving with a crisp action and lots of reserve power .

Perfect for high country back packing

Superb accuracy at all distances

• 9.00' 4 pc folds to 73cm

• Fast taper

• Medium stiff power

• IM7 Graphite

• Light weight

• Line wt 5~6

• Ultra hard ceramic stripping guides producing minimum friction.

• Titanium coated snake guides

All Evans Fly  Rods are made from the highest quality graphite.

If you have never caught Arripis Trutta (Australian Salmon) on the fly you have never lived.

They are mad ! if you want to hear the screaming of your reel

and the clack of your fly line knot to backing go through your guides.

Give it a go, it's an adrenaline rush .

Product Code: S9046 Sports

Manufacturer: EVANS

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